Highly recommend

We had Debbie assist us with our 2 golden retrievers when they were puppies and her positive training methods and rewards made a huge and lasting difference in our household. We highly recommend

Laura Casoli
Einstein and Copernicus

Debby’s animal behavior toolbox–and now our toolbox!–is full of potential solutions to a huge amount of concerns

Zinc came to us an underweight stray who engaged in manageable resource guarding behaviors and a dislike of other male dogs. Zeffy came to us as a stray from the South, who was in need of treatment for mange and

Josh & April Hoover
Zinc & Zeffy

Without your help, I am not sure that this would have been possible

I cannot thank you enough for helping to teach us how to be better dog owners. I have had many pups in my day but none of them challenged me as much as my little Bunsen. I consider myself lucky

Rebecca Hilbert

Delilah has made remarkable progress under Debby’s guidance

Delilah, our min pin-beagle mix, has made remarkable progress under Debby’s guidance. Taking her on walks used to be a fraught proposition. She would bristle, bark, and jump up at other dogs on the street, but now we’re armed with

Shannon Macken

Instead of teaching you how to “make” your dog do something, she teaches you how to help your dog make good choices

Since moving to Pittsburgh 3 years ago, our rescue dog, Mozilla, had developed a tendency to lunge and bark at people while walking our busy streets or riding in the car. My wife and I had been trying techniques that

Stacy & Alyssa Warnick-Hesse

I would definitely recommend Debby’s services if you are experiencing any behavioral challenges with your own dogs

I found Debby and Pawsitive Reactions through my employer’s employee assistance program and her services have made a wonderful difference in our lives. I have three dogs: 2 Chihuahuas (Chimi and Nutmeg) and a Maltese (Snowy). My Chihuahua, Nutmeg, did

Beth Molnar
Chimi, Nutmeg and Snowy

When everyone else told us that Lola would never have a good quality of life, Debby gave us the hope and tools to prove them wrong

When my husband and I adopted Lola, a special needs puppy, we really didn’t know what we were getting into. Within the first month, we realized how far over over our heads we really were. Lola is a survivor of

Angela Crawford

We have not seen any sign of his aggression

Yogi is doing awesome. We have not tested him but we have not seen any sign of his aggression or guarding high value items. In the last few months, he seems so calm and gotten very comfortable living with us.

Jason and Lori Martincic

Thank you Debby for believing in Jasmine!

We were new volunteers to our local Shelter rescue organization when the call came on a snowy weekend in February that three Shelties were being rescued out of a desperate situation. We said that we would foster one of them.

The Maruca Family
Jasmine, Babe and Prince

Our lives would be forever changed by this lady!

I adopted Lana as a puppy from Furkid Rescue. She came bouncing through my door and I instantly fell in love with her and knew she was the one. I remember my mom saying that she was going to be

Danielle Wenzel

You helped put my family back together when so many said that it wasn’t going to be possible

I wanted to say thank you so much for taking the time to work with us. You helped put my family back together when so many said that it wasn’t going to be possible. I wanted to also let you

Michelle Esswein & family
Jaxson, Cali & Maggie

It was the first time that Henry did not lose all self control/growl at a stranger

We wanted to share our story and relate how grateful we are to Debby McMullen of Pawsitive Reactions for her transformative work with Henry (and us!). Henry came to us as a sad, abused and malnourished puppy. He was the

The Viestra Family
Henry and Bailey and Henry and Cody


Finally…hope!!! Debby McMullen just left; she came to do Ares first training/behvaior modification session. She is the FIRST dog trainer I have met that does not want to take away, hurt, or euthanize Ares and most importantly understands how bonded

Kristina Mattea

Debby of Pawsitive Reactions has been the best investment for my dog

Debby of Pawsitive Reactions has been the best investment for my dog, Leo! She not only has great respect for animals, but she also respects the wishes of the pet owner as well. She has, and continues, to work with

Melissa Hunt

Debby has helped us in establishing peace and balance

Over the past 8 years, Debby has helped us in establishing peace and balance with our rescued Bulldogs. Her positive approach to training makes for both happy dogs and happy families. For us, having Debby just a phone call or

Tracy King

Showed more of a concern for us and the dog, than her business

We adopted a dog in 2006, a mixed breed Boxer/Beagle? who was about a year old. This was our first dog as adults and unfortunatly, we did some things that resulted in him having really bad separation anxiety. In my

Nicole Schapiro

Fantastic that she does house calls

I had found Debby online and asked her to come to my house and help me with my crazy dog, Chloe. This was fantastic that she does house calls because my dog is shy and timid out of the house.

Chelsea Bugielski

Our home is much more peaceful

Debby walked into a house of chaos. Our new English Bulldog puppy had turned things upside down to the point where we were not sure we could keep her. Among other things, there were brutal fights with our other two

Mark and Jocelyn Steele
Gracie, Lola & Roxie

A lifesaver for my two dogs and me

Debby has been a lifesaver for my two dogs and me. Last fall my boyfriend and I adopted a little puppy that turned out to be quite the handful. She was hyper, somewhat stranger wary and dog reactive. Taking her

Anna Elder
Gozer, Sally and Miss Maia

Buster is making great gains

Buster is a Husky/American FoxHound Mix, adopted by us in early June 2012. His original owner wasn’t able to care for him any longer due to health problems. Buster was fostered for a few months in a multi-dog household. Then

Joanne and Bill Jeffcoat

She clearly does not see her job as work, but as a passion and love for animals

As first time dog owner, our family called on Debby to help us with our Papillon puppy, Piper. We didn’t understand our dog, and how she was trying to communicate with us. Debby changed all that for the better. Debby’s

Kelli Pritchard and family

Additional references available upon request! Just ask!