Sometimes bad circumstances bring silver linings. I have offered virtual follow up consultations for long distance clients for a couple of years but the pandemic created a need for virtual consultations for everyone. It was surprising how effective they can be even without an in person session. In fact, in many cases the dog is less stressed without my presence and in other circumstances, the household dynamics are left unchanged because I am not there. Win/win.

I will try and address concerns about virtual sessions here. Many people are confused about what most dog trainers/dog behavior consultants actually do, so that causes concern about how it can be appropriate to get assistance with your dog’s behavior issues via a video consultation. Those of us who offer modern dog behavior/training assistance do not come to your house to train your dog. We come to your house to coach you to on how to train your dog and/or give you information on how to modify the human’s behavior to change how your dog responds to you and the environment. There are only a couple of things that we can’t help with as well, via a video session. One of those things is hands on (showing you how to do things) walking issues. That said, I have been on successful virtual walks. All you have to do is follow my instructions and have someone else with you to hold the phone. With most issues, you can get an equal to in person help and in some cases, you would actually get better help via a video session than in person. You hire us for our education and information sharing. We can provide that via a video session as well.

Pricing for virtual session remains unaffected by location so here are the breakdowns:

60 minute session: $110.00

90 minute session: $160.00

2 hour session: $200.00

Minimum of a 90 minute session required for any initial consultation. Subsequent sessions can be 60 minutes.

All virtual sessions are paid in advance via either Venmo or PayPal or credit card (aside from American Express). There is a 3-1/2% service charge for PayPal and credit cards.

You can also opt for an initial virtual session with subsequent sessions in person. Custom package pricing can be created for that option. Just email.