New! We now offer remote video consultations for multiple dog households with issues outside of our driving area. Certain conditions apply. Email us for more info.

Multiple dog households are a joy to have but can very easily run amuck! The dynamics are very different than a single dog home. Sometimes things naturally come together easily and sometimes they don’t. My role is to help things come together more smoothly and to remedy the situation if the dynamics are chaotic.

Much of what transpires can be modified by the behavior of the owner. Sometimes a book such as the one I have written can offer enough info to help you fix your issues. Other times an in-home visit is the necessary step to take – although having my book will always give you insight into scenarios that you have not thought of.

I can help you carve harmony out of chaos. Peace can be achieved, but many factors need to be considered, among them: positive reinforcement training techniques, parental style leadership, proper living-space management, and structured mealtimes. My book’s website, is devoted to keeping you up-to-date on some of the latest issues that concern the multiple dog household as well as the latest methods for maintaining healthy and happy relationships among the members of your crew. To subscribe to the regular blogs for updates on all subjects multiple dog related, click here, then look for the Subscribe button in the right-hand column.

Excerpts from the book:

Do you enjoy living in a form of chaos? Do you have more leashes and collars than underwear? Do you have the vet, groomer and pet supply store on speed dial? Do you plan your wardrobe around which dog activity you are participating in that day? Then this is the book for you! It takes a special kind of person with an adventurous spirit to go past the two-dog mark. I will help you maintain your sanity.

Would you like to bring calm to the chaos inside your house? Do your dogs wrestle and roughhouse inside when you’d rather they do so outside? There is no substitute for good training of course, but I’ll also help you integrate some new behaviors into your dogs’ daily lives. Every interaction that you have with your dog teaches them something. How Many Dogs?! will help you to always be in proper training mode without even thinking about it.

Like a good parent guides his or her children in the right direction, you should provide good guidance to your dogs. But rather than considering yourself a parent to your dogs, I’d like to introduce you to the concept of the benevolent leadership, otherwise known as quality parenting. This is an important concept when living with even one dog, but it’s especially important when living with multiple dogs. To place yourself in the position of being the “GIVER OF ALL GOOD THINGS” is your most important move of all. Being the kind human who is safe to ask questions of and provides safety, both physical and emotional, for your dogs will help you to keep things calmer even the most difficult circumstances. You will find that many of the situations and routines that were previously difficult in your lives, will then flow more smoothly.

Establishing a relationship built on trust is explained clearly in How Many Dogs?! And if your dogs trust you to provide the resources that they need to be happy, comfortable and safe, they have little reason to fuss and fight among themselves. Being able to have fun with your dogs doing new and unusual things is one of the real benefits of a trusting relationship.

Besides trust, there are some basic things that can help form a good foundation for a calmer multiple dog household. These include good nutrition, regular heart healthy exercise, socialization, manners training, clear communication and lots of affection and love.

Click here to buy How Many Dogs?! for $14.99 from Amazon. It can help you balance your multiple dog household on many levels.