Thank you Debby for believing in Jasmine!

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We were new volunteers to our local Shelter rescue organization when the call came on a snowy weekend in February that three Shelties were being rescued out of a desperate situation. We said that we would foster one of them. The rescue happened despite a huge snowstorm and Jasmine came into our lives: fearful, starved, dirty and broken in spirit from all the abuse and severe neglect that she had suffered. Of course, there were lots of fear-based and neglect-based behavioral problems too. We sought the help of someone experienced with fearful and reactive dogs and thank God that Debby McMullen of Pawsitive Reactions came our way. Debby gave us the tools and the knowledge to work with Jasmine so that she and our other dogs could live peacefully together. Debby’s advice and working alongside us during those difficult days was truly a lifesaver for Jasmine and our family. We have recently adopted Jasmine and while she still has some issues that we continue to work on, she is happy, healthy and getting along very well with our other two Shelties and our cats. Bedtime and mealtimes are peaceful now! Thank you Debby for believing in Jasmine!