Our lives would be forever changed by this lady!

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I adopted Lana as a puppy from Furkid Rescue. She came bouncing through my door and I instantly fell in love with her and knew she was the one. I remember my mom saying that she was going to be a handful but I just knew that she was meant to be with me. As mother’s always prove themselves right, Lana sure was a handful. I needed to socialize her a little bit more and get her trained. Socializing has always been a hard road for us. She either really loves you or she is fearful and unsure of you. I had her to trainers, behaviorists and my vet, to work with her through her anxiety and fear. I was told that I either needed to give her up or to put her down. I was heartbroken but I was not going to give up on my girl that easy. So I contacted Furkid desperate to find other options. They put me in touch with the behaviorist that they use for all of their rescues. Our lives would be forever changed by this lady! Debby McMullen taught taught me how to see Lana’s fear and anxiety through her eyes and I truly began to understand her more. My bond with Lana became stronger with those moments of learning and understanding. We still have some work to do but now that I understand her and know how to train her in situations that give her anxiety and fear, it has made me a better mother to her.