Fantastic that she does house calls

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I had found Debby online and asked her to come to my house and help me with my crazy dog, Chloe. This was fantastic that she does house calls because my dog is shy and timid out of the house. So she could see crazy Chloe in her full out spazz mode when people came to my house. Debby is great with animals, I love that she teaches and trains using positive methods. I didn’t want someone telling me I would have to hurt my dog to get her to listen to me!! After a few minutes of Debby being at my house….Chloe was so calm, she actually went and laid in the other room. Which is unbelievable to my friends…since they refer to Chloe as “Crazy Chloe”. At the end of the lesson, Debby provided me with a folder containing written information on how to get her not to jump, and to relax. Following my appointment she got in touch with me to make sure everything was going ok. I would HIGHLY, HIGHLY recommend Debby for ANY dog issue. She also has a Pit Bull, so she understands those breeds first hand. She is a great trainer for anyone that LOVES their dog and cares to train them in a POSITIVE manner.