Buster is making great gains

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Buster is a Husky/American FoxHound Mix, adopted by us in early June 2012. His original owner wasn’t able to care for him any longer due to health problems. Buster was fostered for a few months in a multi-dog household. Then came to live with us. In his 2 short years, Buster had been in three homes. He seemed to adjust quickly to us and other human family members…but the other dogs in the family were another story! We tried a few “interventions” on our own with no success. My husband and I as well as Buster were extremely stressed each time another dog came into our house. Buster would be noticeably anxious, barking, whining and just plain upset. In early July, I called Animal Friends for help (although Buster was not an Animal Friends dogs, I was familiar with them from our last dog, Buddy, who died in February). I met Debby at Animal Friends in July and the rest is history! We arranged for Debby to work with Buster and us (my husband and I) at our home. Debby helped us in so many ways! Many of Buster’s behaviors were based in his insecurities and fear. Debby pointed these things out to us and helped us to work with our dog to ease his fears. She reinforced the importance of the reward system and positive feedback for Buster’s good behaviors….no matter how small or large! We are still working on all the things that Debby taught us, including spending time with the other family pooches. Buster is making great gains…thanks to Debby! She was extremely patient and kind….with all of us! Debby consistently looks at the positive side of training. Debby gave us written information to review from session to session. She also emailed a summary of the things that we did during Buster’s training session including links to products, toys, etc. that Debby felt would be helpful for Buster. We feel blessed to have met and worked with Debby!