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Finally…hope!!! Debby McMullen just left; she came to do Ares first training/behvaior modification session. She is the FIRST dog trainer I have met that does not want to take away, hurt, or euthanize Ares and most importantly understands how bonded we are…” This is what I wrote in my “Ares Journal” on May 24, 2014 at 5:24PM. Fast forward, in justthe last four visits, Ares has made more progress than he has in the last two years, between all five trainers combined! Debby has patiently shown us how to go for walks, witout Ares getting anxious over the thought that I may not be able to handle a perceived threatening situation. We are also working on my ability to remain calm when faced with a situation that would normally be a trigger for Ares….as well as the way that I hold the leash. Through Debby, I have also discovered that even though Ares outweighs me by about 30#, I don’t need a horrible prong collar to control him when he becomes reactive…which like I said, he has made amazing progress in NOT reacting!Last, but certainly not least, Ares stays home. After consulting with Debby, and ultimately, gaining the confidence and knowledge that I have her support on hand, WHENEVER I need or have needed it, I made the scary decision to add another dog to our household. That step is something I would not and could not have taken without the reassurance of knowing that I have someone who REALLY knows animal behavior! Although Ares and I have just begun this journey with Debby as our guide, I cannot even begin to put into words how thankful I am to Debby’s friend Jackie, for her life-saving referral to Debby, and to Debby herself for just being her amazingly patient, intuitive, wisdom-filled self!